Congratulations to all students supported by Examsolutionprovider as you wait to receive your results today. Below I will publish your results as I receive from either you or your parents or both together with feedbacks

Hi Dr Fletcher

I would like to say a huge thank you for all your help and endless struggle with me through A Level Economics. Your advice and constant support enabled me to get an A* overall for Economics, and this really would not have been possible without your help! I will definitely not hesitate to contact you if I need help at uni, I just hope that you have a space available for me!!

Thank you so much for everything,


16th of August 2018 

Dear Dr Fletcher

Thank you for your guidance.

Sukrith got an A star in Economics.

Thank you

Dr Kumar [Sukrith's dad]

16th of August 2018

Hello Dr Fletcher

Ayomide got a B in Business Studies..... Got into Loughborough Uni. as wanted. Thank you once again for all your support

God bless you


16th of August 2018

Hi Dr Fletcher,

William may be in touch but I just wanted to let you know he got an A* in Maths.

Thanks for your help with this. William has put in the study hours but I know he enjoyed your tutorials and said that they helped him understand.

I'll leave some feedback on Tutorhunt or anywhere else if you want. Let me know.


Graham Marshall

16th of August 2018

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