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Congratulations to all our students who sat for May/June 2019 GCSE exams for doing very well as shown in their results below. Thanks for your hardworking and you deserve the grades you attained. Thanks to both you and your parents for trusting me that I could provide tutorial support that would make a positive difference to the grades you attained. Special thanks to all the parents for not only providing financial resources but for providing suitable, safe and conducive environment in which I was able to provide tutorial support peacefully. I am very grateful to all of them. At the end we worked as team with one focus of helping our students achieve the grades they deserve. i wish them well as they progress with their studies Do not hesitate to come back and seek help if you need further help. I am always at your service until you complete your studies at the university. Dr Fletcher Phiri (ABE, CIM, MBA, PhD).


1) Hello,

You are the first one to know! my son got a 6 (B) in Maths!! He is absolutely beaming! Thank you so much for all your hard work!. Steve (Father)

2)Dr Fletcher Phiri is a versatile and wise tutor who helps and teaches in an efficient manner. With Dr Fletcher I was able to learn all the content of GCSE Mathematics and revise them in a way that enabled me to complete my exams effectively. This led me to achieve a 9/A* in my May/June 2019 GCSE Mathematics, which has allowed me to progress to A Level Mathematics and will continue working with him through my A levels.

Dr Fletcher makes lessons fun and interesting, whilst being effective and helpful. For anyone who is looking for a tutor to get through GCSE, A Level or University, is an outstanding option. Isaac (Student)

3)Hi Dr Fletcher, my son did really well. He got a 5 (C) for Maths which was the highest he could get on the paper. He got 5s across most of his subjects so he is very pleased as he is able to attend 6th form. All the best. Michelle (Mom)

4) Hello Dr Fletcher. Thank you so much for your message. My son got a 6 (B) which he was very pleased with so thank you again for all your hard work. He has already gone off to Reading Festival with many many friends to celebrate. Best wishes. Kate (Mom)