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Customers' Feed backs:

At, we value our parents and students’ feed backs as we use them as sources of new ideas to help us improve the delivery of our tutorial support as well as providing evidence to our new would be students that they will be fully supported to achieve their dreams. Below are samples of the feed backs we have received:


Well done Dr Fletcher !

Aissaittou has left a great review for your lesson:

"Dr Fletcher is an excellent tutor. He is helping me to grasp the subjects taught at MBA level. I come from a legal background and most of the subjects taught at MBA were totally alien to me. At times, I even thought to give up. However, Dr Fletcher has been very patient with me and would take the time to explain the concepts again and again until I figure things out. He would as far as possible illustrate the concepts with everyday situations, which really helps to make a sense of the concepts. Thanks to Dr Fletcher, I am getting more and more confident with my studies, and I would certainly recommend him as a tutor. " MBA Student- 9th of April 2021


Well done Dr Fletcher !

Caroline has left a great review for your lesson:

Takes a keen in his students and very helpful. Responds very quickly to emails. He explains lesson in a way that is easy to understand. Level 6 Nursing student-3rd of March 2021

Hi Dr Fletcher, hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that I have landed a good job at Barclays Bank. Wanted to inform you as you have helped me a lot through my uni days and I’m very much grateful to you!

Thank you ever so much for all your help and support 

 Student Zain: [20:13, 29/11/2019]

Dr Fletcher Phiri: That's a big congratulations. You deserve it because you worked very hard. Thank for remembering me. I am very thankful and honoured. I wish every success in your new job


Dr Fletcher

Fletcher has helped me tremendously with a number of assignments. Especially my final year dissertation. I had no idea what to do. Fletcher guided me step by step, and helped me understand the whole process in a simplified manner. I received a high 2:1, only one mark shy of a first class

By Zain on 30th April 2019 (Bachelor of Science Business and Management).

You are great tutor. Got the best results on my Criminology degree. As a mature student through your guide I excelled and got a 2:1 with the highest mark on my dissertation. Thank you again after 5 years. Well done to the nursing students and Goodluck to those still about to finish their final year.

Lindiwe: 1st degree connection 1st private consultancy at Criminalistica

Annabel has seen a remarkable improvement in her work thanks to some of Fletcher`s advice. She recently achieved 80% in a class essay test that was unplanned! Her teacher is now expecting an A* from her Economics A Level. So far she seems to be confidently managing her work during school. She has understood what questions are being asked and how to answer them. Recently she has received positive feedback for her essay plans too. We will be continuing with Fletcher for the foreseeable future ( Michael, Dad, 09/10/2019).

My experience with Dr. Phiri ( was nothing but brilliant. He assisted me with my postgraduate dissertation in Public Health. He was very friendly, patient and extremely supportive. His tutorial services are excellent and I have benefited tremendously. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you for motivating me. I'm grateful.

James 17th January 2018

Dr Fletcher, I would like to say that you 'motivated me to do my best and not give up!'

Michelle: Midwifery BSc. (Hons-Nursing) degree.

The online tutoring was good enough for my needs. I found Dr. Fletcher really helpful. He had a very effective method of taking out of me the information that I was not aware that I have it. He guided me very efficiently to find the answers myself. I am really impressed with the result and I would definitely recommend him to everyone in need. A hint: have patience and don't give up, you will receive the help, just contact him in time, otherwise it's a little of a headache, although even like that you will obtain the necessary results if you are a hard-working person.

By Nadia on 4th January 2018

Dear Dr Fletcher,

I am extremely grateful for the help and support I received from Dr Fletcher's tutorial services. He helped me with my third-year project, I was able to achieve the high grade overall. I would totally recommend anyone who wants to achieve great education ambition to use his services.Emma: BSc. Hons in Psychology

Dr Phiri was a tremendous help to my son whilst studying for his degree. Dr Phiri is a genuinely caring and personable individual with a good calming persona! This is exactly what is needed when a student is under pressure. I would recommend Dr Phiri most highly!

By Cannon on 26th August 2016

I came to know Dr Phiri Fletcher as my tutor through referral from a colleague of mine, a health promotional specialist who works for the NHS, he knew the work of Dr Fletcher, particularly in the areas of research, HIV prevention,---and --. I was in my final year of my studies (Bachelor- Health Studies and Social Policy). Prior to this tuition I was confused and stuck with my dissertation, the support I received from Dr Fletcher helped me greatly, and as a result I was able to achieve an A grade for my dissertation. Salna: BSc Health Studies 

I am very grateful to the assistance and support received from Dr Fletcher Phiri's Tutorial Services. He assisted me with my Postgraduate dissertation, and I was able to score the best overall grade. I would highly recommend his service to anyone who wants to achieve best education ambition.

Bridget: Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Fletcher Phiri has been a home tutor with London's Learning since April 2005, teaching Maths and Economics to A level, and Business, Finance and Statistics to postgraduate level. He is a conscientious, committed and effective tutor, who has contributed a lot over the years to the work and success of the agency. Fletcher has taught a wide range of students with us, across a wide geographical area. Flexibility has been a consistent hallmark, as has been his cheerful and positive attitude. He is consistently reliable and impeccably honest, and enjoyable to work with. I cannot recommend him too highly.

By Bob Adey on 14th September 2016

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